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Gregor Bös

Welcome to my academic website.

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I am a postdoctoral researcher at the philosophy department of Tilburg University and an associate member of the Husserl Archives at KU Leuven. I have completed my PhD in philosophy at King’s College London in 2022, and before that obtained degrees in philosophy and physics from LMU Munich.

As a philosopher, I work on the question how (formal) scientific theories (should) affect the concepts which operate in everyday life. My PhD thesis focused on the phenomenological notion of lifeworld and whether it can find a place in contemporary philosophy of science. This led me to questions ranging from logic, metaphysics, and semantics to the history of philosophy in the 19th and 20th century. My plan is to extend this discussion also to the 21st century, where new conceptual changes are driven by the digitization of society.

I have also worked as a data scientist, with an interest in Natural Language Processing. I contributed to empirical research on the influence of the UK Research Evaluation Framework on the publication and citation behaviour of academic researchers (with Moqi Groen-Xu et al., published 2023 in Research Policy, doi ). At Tilburg University, I am joining Sander Verhaegh’s ERC project Exiled Empiricists, which reconstructs the philosophical environment that the Logical Empiricists found when they migrated to the United States. In this context, I will contribute to bibliometric studies and explore computational methods for the history of philosophy (of science).

On this website, you can also find a section for tools that I found useful for philosophy research. I am also lurking on Twitter and, atom some point, made it to IMDB.

I am always glad to collaborate, discuss philosophy or the brilliant work of the zis foundation who help young people to grow their sense of agency — do not hesitate to contact me!