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Gregor Bös

Welcome to my academic website.

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I am PhD student at the philosophy department of King's College London. My research interests have developed from the intersection of philosophy of science and early phenomenology. More specifically, I am currently interested in Husserl's conception of the lifeworld and its prospects as a starting point for phenomenological philosophy, and philosophy of natural science (especially physics). I have also done some empirical research on publication and citation patterns in academia (under review, draft on SSRN ).

For now, this website holds a basic academic CV and a download section with presentation slides. I recently added a section for research tools that I gathered over the last few years. I try to describe only those where it was a harder to find information online – starting with a setup for reading and annotating with a little known eInk tablet.

I am always keen to discuss philosophy, participate in reading groups, or consider collaborations – just send me an email!